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Welcome to Chani’s Cooking a new and different mexican home-made cooking style blog and transformed into a global style-life just for you who can taste the really mexican cooking putting a hand to international seasoning. I am glad to share with you an amount of  fresh renovating mexican recipes where you can eat well-balanced, healthy, savory and delicious.

Why transform mexican cooking recipes? Because you know, for many years we have known and eaten in mexican restaurants around the world any kind of plates and always you eat the same “main dish with rice and beans” that is not only mexican cooking, there is a huge variety of recipes all through out Mexico, and here in the United States and other countries, it is difficult to find all the ingredients, so welcome to the “new transform age of food” where you can continue cooking your favorite mexican meals but with a hand of global seasoning.

I do not consider myself a food expert, nor I have been in a cooking school but I have an excellent cooking teacher-chefs: “My parents”. I am proud to say that I was born and raised in Mexico and I come from a family of cooks where my father (mainly) loves home-made cooking and my mother as well. Since I was a child I remember well my dad always telling us “eat-well” and when we seated on the table he explained us the nutrients and vitamins each veggies and fruits have. meats as well, telling us “Banana has potassium, meats are good in protein, orange has vitamin C” and so on.  Because my dad is a teacher (now he is retired) I think he explained and thought us very well about everything specially food, now he is teaching his grandchildren in the same way he did with us.

This blog offers tips and easy ways on how to cook your meals in different seasonings, quickly and saving money, What’s for today? suggesting which seasonal produce to use in recipes, encourage buying  just what you need, adapting in you weekly menu and innovating new ideas because of a sudden change of plans, events, or so.

My interest in food has been building up, franking speaking my passion comes just a couple of years, because I spent 20 years working in different jobs but any about food!! and I left things related with cooking; I wouldn’t  have to worry because in my home all my siblings cook even my brothers!! but everything changed when  I got married left my home and moved to Texas, so I had to figured out of all, specially to cook. It was funny to say that I remember my mom and sister telling me ” you know where you are going to stepping on” I was a mess in the kitchen!!

Now I love reading food-related articles and cookbooks; listening to personal stories; and watching television shows. Learning about international cuisines inspires delicious vegetable dishes. Enjoying watching my son and husband tasting their meals every day, and how we live in healthy.

I hope this blog takes you to a fascinating Mexican and Texas world cuisine through International seasoning. Discovering the diverse recipes and flavors that make up traditional Mexican cuisine; helping people with cooking techniques, spices,  and innovating new dishes with a huge variety of produce and easy ways to incorporate them into your every day menu. I continue learning, tasting, sharing and creating in a simple and accessible recipes just for your table.

Thank you,